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The insurance broking company acts as an honest intermediator to explain all the policies of many insurance companies. The broking company researches a lot to deliver the exact policy needs of their customer from a reputed clientele.

L2L will not collect any hidden charges from the customers who are searching to opt-in for any insurance policies. We are here to showcase better policies for customers’ needs!

  • L2L is a website that is specifically designed for our customers for comparing the policies based on their needs. 
  • We collect your preference data and show the list of policies from multiple insurance companies. 
  • We have come up with an insurance policy comparison in terms of cost and benefits to help customers decide their policy. 

With L2L, customers can get expert advice in a jiffy by connecting with our chat support or direct calls. The insurance advisors in our team are experienced with more than 3 decades of expertise which helps our customers to identify both the calculated benefits and risks(if so) within the terms of the policies.

For both business and personal life, it is very significant to have the right insurance policy. Only one wrong move can cause great financial losses. So, it is always better to get expert advice before investing your money into policies. The expert can help you to understand what covers in your insurance policy and what not and that can help you avoid paid mistakes.

 Yes. Broking companies advise and assist  on all insurances routed through them. However on claims under policies not routed through them brokers may advise for a fee subject to IRDA regulations.

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