Fire Insurance

Fire accidents can happen in hotels, industries, or even as a natural disaster! Fire insurance gives protection against losses not only due to Fire but also natural calamities like Flood, Storm, overflowing water tanks etc. Link 2 Link insurance broking company is here to show some effective fire insurance plans from topmost insurance companies so that your budgeting plan can become easy!

Accidental fire can cause huge loss of materials in a business and also disruption in the business till the repair/reinstatement is completed. During this period one has to continue repaying the loan or rent or staff salary. But for an appropriate Fire insurance policy to cover such losses, a businessman may go out of business also. So taking comprehensive Fire insurance policy to protect not only the material loss but also loss of profits is essential which is often overlooked by businessmen. We provide comprehensive insurance solutions for such events.’

When you are investing money in building a huge commercial unit, it's better to spend some money on fire insurance which can save you from huge financial losses. It’s never too late to apply for your fire insurance. Check a few plans of our partners now!

Types of fire insurance available in India

  • Floater policy
  • Specific policy
  • Comprehensive policy
  • Replacement policy
  • Consequential loss policy

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