Privacy Policy

Link 2 Link Insurance Broker Pvt Ltd company’s privacy policy is to solely focus on ensuring a transparent and trustworthy journey with our customers and users.

We tend to collect your personal information or contact number completely with your prior permission and try not to misuse that at any point in time. Your information is safe with us.

We expect you to deliver only true information about you and if found that a fake identification has been submitted within the website, it shall be considered a breach and dealt legally with any court of law.

Cookies enable us to collect information like your source of the traffic to the website, your name of the internet provider, your language preference, your usage device, browser type, and other non-personal information. All this non-personal information collected by us cannot identify your personal name or contact number. We purely collect it for analyzing the website and gathering demographic perspectives of the website. Accepting your cookies will not lead you to risky situations as it doesn't collect “PERSONAL” information on individuals and it is your choice to allow cookies while browsing the website.

We assure the information collected from customers will be dealt with strict confidentiality and will be used to provide betterment of services and inform you about any new products or services being introduced with the website. We will try to safeguard your personal information at all costs. We adhere to not selling your information to any third parties or any other websites.