Risk Services

“How do we handle risk @ L2L?”

Risk management

Even a small spark left unresolved turns out dangerous! Most of us are busy with our routines and tend to forget to identify the risks in our life/businesses and arrange to mitigate them. We help you to identify them and advise on how to minimize them. We ensure you are sensitive to various risks in your business and advise on the management of those risks.

Risk transfer advisory

With strong relationship with insurers we advise on the best risk transfer mechanisms

Risk inspection

We offer risk inspection by professional surveyors to study and identify the overall risk exposure and corresponding financial risk involved so that the risk is properly evaluated for protection and coverage.

Our 7 Step Mantra's in Risk Management

Why do we think risk management is necessary?

We seek to find the right balance between risk and reward so that our customers won't be affected by avoidable risks. The 7 mantras help our team to be power-packed with action items before things get off our hands. As an insurance broking company, we are looking forward to building an easy access bridge that our customers can take to opt for their insurance.

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